10 Rules to Follow While Dating a Lesbian

Dating A Lesbian Do you really think you need to follow some hard and fast rules for having a dating relationship? Is it really that necessary? If you both have undying compatibility ratio with each other, why do you need strict rules for bringing the best out of you both?

However, girls who are new to the fascinating world of lesbian dating need to know a few insights and follow the basic rubrics to ensure that your lady love is happy with you and you can sustain a long relationship without giving a second thought what the world has to think about it.

No More Gender Characterizations

Just because you are cooking food at home and your partner is heading out every day to work does not mean that she is the man and you are the woman in the relationship. Come on babes, you both are girls! Adore being lesbians and don’t tie yourself in typical man-woman bond.

Sex is Not a Food To Have Every Night

Don’t leave your partner just because she does not respond positively to your always-high-on-bed nature. Have fun but not necessarily sex every night just because it pretends to survive the relationship.

Where Did the ‘Threesome’ Thing Come in the ‘Awesome Twosome’ Relationship

A big NO to ‘Sharing is Caring’ prodigy. How can you even allow your partner to have fun with any other girl just because you both are in an unusual but exciting type of bond!

Cheating Remains a Cheating Even if She Cheats with a Guy

Another big NO to share your lesbian girlfriend with a guy; neither you nor your partner must love anybody else than each other.

Using Sex Toys Do not Mean She is Not Happy with Her Girl

Your lesbian girl may use it just for fun. So, relax and enjoy with her.

There is No I-Am-The-Man in the Relationship

Nobody is superior to the other in any relationship. Hence, stop calling yourself the man even if you are the bread earner.

Pay for the Dinner Date if you have Initiated It

‘Why Should I Always Pay for the Date?’ – Strictly avoid this question. The person who takes her lady love out will pay for the dinner.

Be the First One to Kiss

There are no boys in your relationship; it is just two girls. Hence, don’t wait for the other one to kiss you. She is your girl; what is making you wait?

No Ex-Factors Here, Please

Avoid talking about any exes you ever had in your life. Live the current lesbian relationship without dribbling yourself in past memories.

Go Out and Enjoy. You Have not Committed a Crime for Being in a Lesbian Relationship

A lesbian relationship does not demand you to cut off ties with other friends. You have just got one life, enjoy it with all. Don’t get too much entangled and end up with nobody on your side.

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