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Top 5 Tips for Mature Lesbians

Online dating has made lesbians’ love life so much better because now you have access to millions of other like-minded people on the Internet and you can connect with them in a... Read More »

Enjoy the Benefits of Having Many Male Friends As a Lesbian

There are many benefits that a lesbian shouldn’t miss out on, and one of them is having many male friends! Let me explain why this is a huge benefit. Because men think it is... Read More »

How to Meet the Best Lesbian Partner

Hurrying the process would most appropriately akin to asking every female person you meet about their sexuality. The results to that approach will, without doubt, be as disastrous... Read More »

How I Got into Lesbian Dating Online

I remember when I was in boarding school and we used to all talk about lesbian dating sites. To be honest, when I was 13-15 I was relatively immature and never really understood... Read More »

A Guide for The Newly Out Lesbian on Dating Women

You’ve just come out as a gay woman and you haven’t the foggiest idea of how to meet women, where to go, or how to approach them – let alone date them. And that is completely... Read More »

Lesbian Dating Apps That Will Remarkably up Your Lesbian Search

Consider the idea of dating apps. The secrecy and privacy of lesbian dating apps have gained increasing notoriety and it will be interesting to explore a number of them... Read More »

What Not to Say to Your Lesbian Girlfriend on the First Date

Well most of us have been there. She looks so promising on her profile or upon meeting her at the bar. You have bravely asked her on a date. Here is what you need to avoid telling her... Read More »

Is it OKAY to be a Lesbian

Do you prefer women over men? Did you always have huge crushes on girls since childhood than boys? If yes, then you are a lesbian... Read More »

10 Rules to Follow While Dating a Lesbian

Do you really think you need to follow some hard and fast rules for having a dating relationship? Is it really that necessary? If you both have undying compatibility ratio with each other... Read More »

Successful Lesbian Dating Tips Revealed by Experts

A successful relationship does not ask you to struggle for keeping your partner happy. The moment you see the charm and the awe-inspiring love of your lady for you...Read More »

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