How I Got into Lesbian Dating Online

Lesbian Dating OnlineI remember when I was in boarding school and we used to all talk about lesbian dating sites.

To be honest, when I was 13-15 I was relatively immature and never really understood much about gays and lesbians, and talking about lesbian dating was just a thing we did in the dormitory after lights out.

As I got older and entered my last two years of boarding school I became more aware that there were girls in our school who were lesbians and had same-sex attractions. It was not uncommon to see them holding hands or embracing other girls when they thought no-one else was looking.

Yet, I was just an observer at that time and it wasn’t until I started university that I realised that my own curiosity about other girls was more than just curiosity. After much soul searching, I finally decided that I had no interest in boys or men and felt that I was likely to be a lesbian - and, as a result, wanted to looking for another lesbian to date!

Fortunately, at my university there was a lesbian social group and a helpful counsellor who gave some good advice about, amongst other things, how to find a partner using lesbian dating sites or about the different types of lesbians one was likely to encounter such as toms, butches, fems or lily-whites (these names may vary depending on where you are reading this!).

I must admit I was still quite shy at university and it wasn’t until I started work that I really started understanding the benefits of online lesbian dating sites. Quite simply, using such a site is the best way to meet other lesbian partners.

There’s no need to go to bars restaurants or clubs and endure the busy or noisy environment; there’s little or no chance of approaching someone who you think might also be a lesbian only to find out she isn’t; and, best of all, you can search for someone to date or be your potential long term partner from the comfort of your laptop. Whether you are sitting having a cappuccino in Starbucks or lounging around at home, you can search to your heart’s content for another lesbian who seems to match your requirements - provided, of course, that you have become a member of the dating site you are searching.

So, as you see, for someone like me who is perpetually busy and doesn’t like all of the unnecessary preamble which usually goes with dating, using lesbian dating sites is ideal - and, as I’ve met so many interesting and nice people on them, I only wish I’d used them earlier...

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