Is it OKAY to be a Lesbian

Lesbian WomenDo you prefer women over men? Did you always have huge crushes on girls since childhood than boys? If yes, then you are a lesbian! You do not have to hide yourself just because you are attracted towards the same sex. As the sexual orientation does not completely define you, your many interests and hobbies may be closely related to the straight girls out there. However, take pride in being yourself and coming out as a lesbian. You are one of the other interesting women who are gifted to love and being loved not only by men but also by women.

Be Brave

You may not know until you are 7 or 17 that you are a lesbian. But once you understand your habits, you feel that you are either going the wrong way or should have controlled your feelings long time ago. This makes you depressed and crippled as all that you can do to yourself is curse. But the simple question is why should you abuse yourself when you are capable of sharing love with others? Build that courage, be brave and speak up. If you want to hit the iron when it is hot then wait but make sure you do not waste your time waiting.

Initially, you may be disregarded completely by people to whom you will reveal your sexual orientation. But do not lose faith in yourself and do not give up. It is just a phase that will pass. Being defensive and lying about not being a lesbian although you are aware of the fact that you are not made to love a man but a woman, will bring you and your feelings no justice.

Love Yourself

There is no harm in being a lesbian and loving another girl. Each one of us is destined to be different than the rest in some way or the other. You are lucky to understand yourself instead of being carried away towards boys just like any other girls. It is the humans who have set this theory that each person on this earth must always adore and fall in love with people of another sex. And those who do not follow this prodigy are meant to be unusual. Girl, be who you are. Even God does not recognize your inclination as a sin. Then why hesitate and avoid being your true self?

You get to live your life only once. So, be brave to be a lesbian and date a lesbian now!

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