What Not to Say to Your Lesbian Girlfriend on the First Date

Lesbian GirlfriendWell most of us have been there. She looks so promising on her profile or upon meeting her at the bar. You have bravely asked her on a date. Here is what you need to avoid telling her on the first date.

Don’t say too much about your ex-girlfriend

You may mention to her that you’ve had exes and the duration of time you were together, but you shouldn’t go on and on telling her how mean or evil she was to you, how she threw stuff through your door or window and kidnapped your cat. Also, don’t talk about how the two of you were so much in love and how you knew you were to spend the rest of your lives with each other. The point here is that you should leave your past behind and focus on the future.

Don’t Give her Too Much Information

Probably you’re aware of the saying: TMI. She will want to know more about that time you and your husband had a threesome with the woman in your neighborhood or your father who verbally abused you while growing up. You can’t tell her everything on the first date.You can just talk about where you were born and raised and if you were married. Keep the personal information and details private.

Don’t Play Games

You have to be honest with her. If the first date isn't going well and you have to find a way out, simply tell her it was a pleasure meeting and knowing her and excuse yourself. Having your friends call you, then pretend as though there has been an accident and you have to leave quickly, shouldn’t happen. Also don’t agree with a second date if you do not intend following through.

Don’t have high Expectations

Remember it’s your first date with her. It is important to stay relevant to knowing her better than having thoughts of moving in together. You shouldn’t, therefore, say to her that you want the two of you to move in together or even start believing you are now "girlfriends."

Don’t be Rude

Let your lesbian friend see your best side during your first date. By showing up late, you’ll simply be communicating how rude you are, or you don’t care. Ensure you are kind to her and to any other person you encounter during that time. Even if you aren’t willing to see her again, you have to be nice. She may have a friend whom later you’ll be interested with.

Don’t Answer your Phone

You are wrong if you think she’ll be impressed by the number of times your phone rings or goes off in one day. If you want to impress her focus all your attention on her. The best way to do this is by turning your cell phone off and putting it away.

Don’t Get Too Maudlin

You need to talk about serious issues that are meaningful to her. Keep your conversation light. Do not bring in unnecessary issues that aren’t useful to the date. Your first date is to know her and you don’t want to screw up. Her body language will give you a clue. If she’s tuning out, just change the topic.

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