Enjoy the Benefits of Having Many Male Friends As a Lesbian

There are many benefits that a lesbian shouldn’t miss out on, and one of them is having many male friends! Let me explain why this is a huge benefit.

Lesbian Girl

  • Because men think it is okay to be very close to you, they want to help you even more. Most men don’t have enough female friends, and you know what, they want to have many female friends! Yet in reality, most men don’t know how to have more female friends at all. So if you are a lesbian, straight men think it’s safe and nice to become your friend. Once they become your friends, they will support you in many different ways. You’ll always have someone who is there for you.
  • You can sleep in the same bed with your male friend. This may sound a bit weird, but it’s kind of fun, isn’t it? Think about it - men fantasize being close to women like that, yet they can only do it with you because you are a lesbian - sleeping in the same bed without having sex. What an interesting experience!
  • You can bring him to a gay bar and be protected at night. In some lesbians’ bars and nightclubs, men can join as well, as long as they bring a female guest. Let’s face it, if you go to a gay bar all by yourself at night, it may not be safe, especially when the crowd become rowdy or when you leave the venue after 1am in the morning. In this case, if your male friend is hanging out with you, you feel much safer.
  • You can test which woman is lesbian and which woman is not. Let’s say you bring your male friend with you in a bar where both men and women are there. Oftentimes, it’s hard to tell whether the girl you meet is a lesbian or not. Therefore, your male friend is able to help you assess the situation - if this girl is more interested in your male friend, you immediately know she is not a lesbian for you. But if this girl is apparently more interested in you, you know what’s going on quickly. So you won’t waste your time guessing anymore. In other words, your male friend has the potential to become your indirect lesbian matchmaker. Isn’t that a cool way to meet lesbian singles?
  • Your male friends make you worldlier. As a lesbian, it’s very easy to get obsessed with your lesbian world, so having more male friends can help you to expand your outlook in life. Instead of thinking/reading/talking about lesbians’ topics all the time, you can actually have some meaningful conversations with your male friends who may introduce other interesting things to you.

In conclusion, male friends are great value in your life, so you may consider creating a win-win situation with your male friends so that you can also add value to their lives and make your friendship sustainable in the long term.

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