Top 5 Tips for Mature Lesbians

Introducing Lesbian Dating Websites

Many sites that have been in the online dating market for a long time are aimed solely at helping to create normal relationships - heterosexual to be precise. However, many girls found themselves lesbians and dream of finding their perfect partner. We live in a time when membership in the LGBTQ community is the norm. However, many people are still intolerant of gays and lesbians. This is not the only reason why many single lesbians have trouble finding their soulmate. As a mature lesbian, you can feel lonely in this world that is still homophobic and intolerant of LGBTQ in general.

However, lesbians dating online services are gaining popularity. Many dating apps include advanced features and profile settings, allowing mature lesbo to swipe left and right to find the right partner. In addition, there are some sites aimed exclusively at homosexual dating. We have studied the market well and selected some of the best older lesbian dating sites that meet the following criteria - wide profile settings, good tools for flirting and chatting, an intelligent algorithm for finding the perfect match, reliable anti-fraud system, responsive support.

So, if you are a single girl who is looking for lesbians’ older women, you have chosen the right path! We will tell you about the best dating sites for mature lesbians offering a good feature set at a reasonable price. Feel free to browse our top 8 lesbian mature dating websites to choose the best option for finding your true love.

Best Dating Sites for Mature Lesbian Women


This is one of the best lesbians dating online that was created to help connect the lonely hearts of two strangers. Whether it will be a long relationship or just a few meetings - it all depends on your desires and goals. Being a lesbian dating website, it was designed in the likeness of many other dating apps and includes the left and right swipe function for quick likes. Despite its apparent simplicity, HER offers many tools including fine-tuning profiles, flirting features and built-in chats to send quick messages.

HER uses a smart search algorithm that helps you find your perfect match. So that it knows where to start, you will have to answer various questions to give a better idea of you as a person. This is important because the algorithm tries to take into account not only the appearance parameters but also the personal qualities of each applicant for the role of your future partner. Thanks to some social features, you can add other members as friends. However, communication is the best way to bring two single people together. Therefore, HER offers the ability to send quick messages.

Free membership offers you a stripped-down feature set. Therefore, it makes sense to issue a paid subscription - it is inexpensive. If you decide to try HER for a month, you will pay $ 14.99. The cost of the Premium account is lower if you buy a 6-month tariff plan ($ 7.49 per month).


If you want to meet mature lesbians or bi-curious women, then you should try this app. If you've used any other online dating apps, you won't have a problem with FEM, as it offers a similar feature set. Despite the fact that this website positions itself as an assistant to search for mature lesbian women, even heterosexual people are registered here. One important feature of FEM is that you can use your profile video instead of regular photos. Watching such videos, you will get a better idea of those who created these profiles. The advantage here is that it’s not easy to fake a video - that is, each profile is associated with a real person.

FEM has a simple user interface. After registration, you can use the 4 tabs at the bottom of the screen - “Meet” to view profiles, “Rooms” to access group chats, “Inbox” to view messages from other participants, and “Me” for your own profile settings and view statistics. Instead of the usual whiskers, you can give sympathy to those who you liked. Many old mature lesbian women choose this app because it is easy to use, includes powerful functions for meeting and communication, has a large database of profiles. In addition, group chats provide an opportunity to expand your circle of acquaintances, communicate, share your photos with participants from various countries around the world.

FEM allows you to create an account absolutely free. However, this subscription option includes a limited set of features. To make advanced tools available, you can buy them for the internal currency - coins. So, FEM contains in-app purchases. In addition, you can get a paid subscription to get all the tools at once. An annual subscription option is the most reasonable, since the monthly fee is only $ 4.99.


Since lesbian dating is well established in everyday life, you can use Bumble as one of the very promising options. It is not surprising that older lesbians register their accounts here, as Bumble positions itself as an assistant in finding the ideal partner for each person, regardless of age, gender and sexual preferences. Due to its impeccable reputation, this app has jumped to the top of the lists of the best options in Android and iOS app stores.

Bumble allows you to customize your profile so that you can find the right person. A smart algorithm will show you profiles of people that match your interests and preferences. You can make subtle adjustments, perhaps not as subtle as HER suggests. However, it has a unique “BFF” feature that will help you forget friendship-only people. This app is in many ways similar to other regular dating sites, so you won’t have any problems setting up your profile and finding people to chat with.

Rejoice as you can use Bumble for no cost. However, it includes Bumble Boost paid upgrade that gives you access to premium features. After some free using, you will decide for yourself whether to purchase a paid subscription. However, we are sure that the price of unlocking some features, such as SuperSwipes, will not be too high for you.


This app has captured the world of dating. It's probably hard to meet someone who hasn't heard anything about Tinder. According to many, this app was created for the generation of millennials. However, Tinder seeks to expand its borders and is pleased to accept people of different ages, races, preferences, sexual orientation. We cannot say that Tinder is a lesbian dating website. However, it helps even old mature lesbians find their perfect partners. With over 2 billion profile views per day, this app is one of the most visited worldwide.

When you start with Tinder, you just need to go to the app store of your platform and download app - it will take a few seconds. Next, you will be offered a simple registration with a mobile number or Facebook account. When your account is ready, Tinder will begin the process of matching you with profiles of people who are close to you. You will receive pictures of mature lesbian women who may be your potential partners in the future. Tinder allows you to view profiles and use chat. The disadvantage is that it does not take into account the marital status that can be indicated on Facebook profile.  However, you can ask your interlocutor about this.

Despite the fact that Tinder is free, some of its functions are only available after a deposit. It will cost about $ 30 per month if you want to access a complete set of tools.


If the simplicity of regular mature lesbian dating websites is not what you want, okCupid offers significantly more customizable profiles to find the most accurate matches. During registration, you will choose between 12 options for sexual orientation and 20 gender markers. In addition, you can make your account invisible to heterosexuals - okCupid accepts everyone to find their soulmate. Match Percentage is a unique feature of this app. A smart algorithm examines your profile information and compares it with other participants. As a result of the analysis, you will receive offers with the highest percentage of similarity.

okCupid asks its users to answer some questions. This helps to find people with common interests. Some users ignore such polls, which complicates the work of the perfect match search algorithm. However, you have an easier way to search - manually view the profiles of other members.

This app offers a lifetime free subscription. However, being a single mature lesbian woman, you can significantly increase your chances of finding the perfect partner if you choose paid membership. Having bought a Gold account for half a year, you will pay only 9.95 dollars per month.


This app is a true professional in the field of LGBT dating since it was created specifically for gay, lesbian, bisexual and people with other sexual orientations. LGBTqutie has become an online community for many who want to find their partner outside the hook-up culture. Since many modern dating apps do not cover all people living with LGBTQ, LGBTqutie decided to fill this gap. This app uses a completely new approach to finding the perfect match - this is reflected in its non-standard interface. In order to become a new user, you must pass a survey that will help in the future to establish similarities in interests and prospects.

Like many other dating apps for older lesbians, LGBTqutie is touted as a free option. However, to get the most out of this dating website, we recommend that you sign up for a paid subscription. Paying about $ 10 per month, you will get access to exclusive functions - video chat, statistics on your profile views, online games, fine-tuning your profile to find the perfect match. Since this app aims to create a safe space for LGBT dating, every mature lesbian will feel like a fish in water on this site.


This is an ethnically oriented lesbian dating website. As the LGBT dating market is growing rapidly, there is a need to create more specialized sites that cover a specific race or ethnic group. SheMeetsHer was designed specifically for black lesbian women. This website opens up great prospects for every black mature lesbian who wants to find the right person to create a serious relationship.

Since SheMeetsHer does not offer a mobile application, you can use the browser version only. You can create an account manually or from Facebook.  The second option is simpler because SheMeetsHer takes all the necessary information from your Facebook account. This site offers a simple search system based on the use of filters - age, desired type of relationship, location.  In addition, SheMeetsHer offers an internal email-style feature for communicating with other participants.

SheMeetsHer belongs to the older lesbian dating sites of the old school. However, you can use all the functionality of this web service absolutely free. With its rather large audience, SheMeetsHer may be the best option for you if you are a black lesbian. However, if you want more interaction with the LGBT community and use more advanced features, you can choose one of the websites for old mature lesbians listed above.


If you want to become a member of the lesbian-only social club, we recommend that you try this website. LesbianFriendsDate welcomes every new member who has discovered her lesbian sexual orientation. Like all other sites from this list, it does not publish photos for adults on the main page, offers good membership options, uses a smart profile matching algorithm to find the perfect match, includes convenient tools for communicating with other participants.

However, there are several reasons why this site came in eighth place on this list. Firstly, LesbianFriendsDate does not offer a mobile app - however, this site can be viewed through a mobile browser because it adapts its interface. Secondly, this is a public website. If you wish to maintain confidentiality, then this is not your option. Thirdly, this site was not able to collect an extensive database of profiles - your search capabilities are limited.

LesbianFriendsDate can be a good option for you to start in mature lesbian dating as it is completely free. However, it has some serious flaws that can make your user experience depressing.

Reasons for Women-Only Dating Importance

  • Specialization. Statistics show that lesbian mature make up 2-5% of the online dating market. This niche is promising and rapidly developing.
  • The ability to find people with the same sexual orientation as you have in your area.
  • An easy way to determine if she is flirting or trying to make friends.
  • Relieves stress and tension associated with dating in real life - a mature lesbian site is the best option for introverts.

Want to Choose the Best Mature Lesbians Dating Website?

Being a mature lesbian woman, you probably have a great dating experience. However, this does not mean that you were able to translate this experience into success. Like any person, you want to meet your 'happily ever', and the right website can help you with this. Despite the fact that online dating can be a certain risk, we are sure that you will get a unique experience and you will be able to find good friends and your soulmate.

We are not here to advise you to take a stupid risk. To prove yourself and meet new people is what you need! Our lesbian dating websites give you the opportunity to meet and chat with people with whom you probably would not have been able to be in-touch in any other way. Try the websites we offer and make sure that your chances of finding the perfect partner have increased significantly!

Useful Tips on Choosing a Lesbian Dating Website

When it comes to choosing the best lesbian women dating website, you need to learn a few things:

  1. User base. In order to search lesbians online efficiently, website you choose must specialize in lesbian dating or include lesbian profiles in its profile base at least.
  2. Availability of a trial free period. It’s good if you can try the tools for finding single mature lesbians before you sign up for a paid subscription.
  3. Proven effectiveness. The top websites for mature lesbian women dating have high ratings.
  4. Availability of functions based on geolocation services. Make sure the website you select shows perfect matches near you.
  5. Security. Testimonials from already registered lesbians will help you understand if you can trust this website.

Online dating has made lesbians’ love life so much better because now you have access to millions of other like-minded people on the Internet and you can connect with them in a few seconds. In this article, you will learn the top 5 tips for older lesbians, so you will know what to do when you are using lesbian dating sites.

1. Do your homework. There are a lot of lesbian dating sites’ reviews, so you should read these reviews carefully before you use a lesbian dating site. Choosing the best lesbian dating site is of vital importance for your love life. If you are not sure, our suggestion is you start profiles on different lesbian dating websites and see which dating site works for you. This is like having a few different plates spinning and see which one bites, right? Once you’ve found the right online dating site for you, you can stick to that site.

2. Create a great online dating profile. Your dating profile is the first thing that a potential match will see. Most importantly, you should choose a great photo as your profile picture, because that’s the first impression which will last for a very long time. Ask a friend that you can trust to take some good photos for you, so that you can choose the best photo to be your profile picture. Of course, you will need to upload more than one photo in your online dating profile. Also, make sure your dating profile displays your values clearly. In this way, your ideal match will see you two share the same values, which is the most significant element in your relationship. If you have the budget, you can even hire a dating coach to review your dating profile for you (investing in your love life always gives you future reward).

3. Pay attention to your social media accounts. Before a potential match meets you, she will probably search your name on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, you must make sure your social media accounts are positive and presentable. That also means you can search your potential match’s name on social media as well because that’s a great way to have a look at their real life. Besides, you may even Google your own name and see what will show up. If there is something that you don’t want to be displayed in Google, you can contact Google so that they can remove the information for you.

4. Mature lesbians actually have a better chance when it comes to online dating, so now it’s your most confident time. According to a recent survey, lesbians who are over 40 years old are more likely to find satisfying relationships via lesbian dating sites. So if you are a lesbian single looking for love, online dating is probably the best way to go in this day and age. That’s actually because women who are over 40 years of age know what they want in life already, so it’s just easier for them to articulate what they are looking for. Once you know your goals, what you deserve will show up as well because now you are able to see it! With the help of online dating sites, there are so many choices around you now.

5. Read potential matches’ online dating profiles carefully and analyse their value systems. Like I said earlier, you will need to clarify your values in your dating profile. Meanwhile, analysing other lesbian singles’ dating profiles is also worthwhile, because you need to be able to read between the lines. For instance, if someone’s profile says, “I’m interested in reading, learning, growth and personal development”, that means this person values knowledge and achievement. Therefore, if you value the same things, you two have the potential to start a meaningful relationship.

Now you are equipped with the best dating tips for mature lesbian singles, so it’s time to get out there and do something amazing for pink dating!


You probably wanted to take a trip to this tempting world of online dating for lesbians immediately. However, we recommend that you devote some time to studying the basic features and functions of sites so that online dating works really effectively. More recently, lesbians have had great difficulty finding suitable partners. However, Internet technologies have changed the world for the better - now you can choose between many promising mature lesbian sites. Each of the 8 sites described above can be your best assistant for establishing romantic relationships with lesbian singles, taking into account personal qualities and your interests.

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